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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's List

I skipped my list yesterday.  My number one reason to smile this week is that my mother came up here.  I took a half day yesterday to see her and a couple of her friends who are up here for a sorority house reunion.  They got a house on the lake for the weekend and are just hanging out but I got to see her yesterday afternoon and last night.
My smiles included:
Getting to see my mom in a totally different role than before, she was hanging out with friends and it was fun to be considered an "adult" for an afternoon and get to hang out with them.
I chuckled when I was told how alike my mom and I are...from our sense of humor to our mannerisms
I got to show off a bit of my "home" state to her friends yesterday afternoon.
The silliness is the same between a bunch of fifty something woman as it is between my friends and I and it was great!!
Awesome to know that people are still friends even 33 years after graduating.
Being able to make suggestions as to where they should go and what they should do while they are here....they started with a lobster bake this evening and will be going to see a couple of lighthouses tomorrow.
it's nice to know that my mom is here...even if I won't get to see her again until Sunday
Knowing that I will see her and be able to hang out before she heads back home on Monday.
Hubby being completely understanding about me needing to spend time with her.
Yummy dinner tonight with my hubby out and really, how clingy he is because I was gone over night again.
I am looking forward to my very own college girls weekend next weekend on Cape Cod.  Can't wait to see these friends for a whole weekend of fun, giggles, smiles, pictures and general silliness.  We are "unplugging" next weekend...not even bringing my computer with me...I can't wait.

Lots of smiles this week...lots to be thankful for and lots to remind me how good life can be...I am trying to center myself and remember that I work to live, not live to work...tough distinction sometimes but I am working on balance and trying to remember that one way or another you have to sacrifice something, so i am preferring to sacrifice a bit of the obsessive perfectionism I have at work for more time at home.  When I am there it's 110% all the time, but I am getting better at leaving it all there when I walk out the door and coming home and truly appreciating what I have here...

Be gentle with yourselves this weekend, I know that this will be an emotional weekend for a lot of us as we reflect on September 11th and what that day means to all of us. ...enjoy your family and your friends.  I know that while I will reflect on the past and on that day specifically, that I am truly blessed with those that surround me and those that I consider my "family"....you guys included...
Love and hugs to your corners of the world from this corner...hope you are well, safe and dry (for my east coast friends).  Thinking of you all tonight and hoping that there has been a reason for you to smile today!!


  1. What a spectacular weekend. And thank you so much for sharing so, so many smiles. Wow!

    I can't wait to hear about your weekend in Cape Cod next week too. Bet that is going to be a 'fest!

    Hugs to you my dear friend.

  2. My weekend has been so busy so far I hope tomorrow will be less hectic.......

  3. what a great weekend. my best friend from high school and i are still just as close today as we were in 1974 (does that make me old?)

    i've never been to cape cod so make sure you put up lots of pictures. have loads of fun!

  4. Hi Col. Lovely to be able to meet up with your mum like that. I'm in my 60's and have friends older, but when we meet up, we're still silly and giggle away like teenagers. Wonderful! Hope you have a great trip to Cape Cod next weekend, when you'll be meeting up with YOUR friends. You are very wise to be unplugging yourself for the weekend! Make the most of time with girlfriends. Beautifully written post today my friend.

  5. Spent a nice day off yesterday cooking a big pot of chili and a strawberry cake that I took to my daughter Rachel's house today. She is recovering from the surgery thursday on her leg to reattach the end of her leg bone that got broke in the car accident. It will be a long recovery but she has lots of friends and church members lending a hand. For that I am so thankful. So glad you had that time with your mom.