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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Check In

hey gang-
Just wanted to stop by real quick and say hi.
Things here are good...crazy busy and I have a migraine that just won't quit..
Today is my mom's birthday...
She is an amazing woman.
She laughs with me
Cries with me
has supported me through a million things..
and still comes back for more..
she is my rock..
I talk to her every single day on the phone...
sometimes for a quick check in..
sometimes for the entire ride home...
She will listen, help me process, and let me make my own decisions..
sometimes good..
sometimes bad..
but she never says I told you so..
She just offers a hand to pull me up when I fall...
I have lots of friends...some I consider my best...
But my mom is truly my very best friend....
I know that she's had a good day and I will talk to her one more time before I go to bed...
and hopefully her flowers will get there tomorrow...

I hope you are all well...I miss you all...I have stuff for some of you..like a fruitcake recipe...a jam recipe and a few other emails to send....
I hope your corners of the world are full of happiness and love this evening...


  1. Your Mom sounds like a wonderful woman. And she raised a wonderful daughter!!! Happy Birthday Mom! Lovely post. Hugs sweetie.

  2. Ooooh a fruitcake recipe? I hope, hope, hope that is for me. heehee

    You and your Mom sound so much a like and quite the pair. :) You are very blessed to have such a best friend. I hope your Mom had a wonderful birthday.

    Hugs to you my friend and hope your week is spectacular, just like you. [PS - drinking tea out of my happy cup as I type. Squeeee!]

  3. Happy Birthday to your mum. Mum's are the best :)

  4. Sounds like just the kind of mom every one should have.

  5. Happy birthday to your dear mum! I only wish that my own mum was still around. I still miss her very much, but I have very happy memories to hang onto.

  6. Happy birthday for your mom and I can truly understand your relationship with her, same here!