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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A poll about shoes and my 300th post!!

I can't decide on which shoes to get for the wedding this weekend...so you my dear readers can chime in...please let me know which ones you think will be best..
This is the dress...it is a smoky blue color and not black like in the picture..the material is sort of velvety
Plus Size Velour Cowl Neck Dress image
so which pair of shoes would work best...the ceremony is at 3 and the reception is at 6pm

Pair 1

Pair 2

Pair 3- this shoe didn't have that strange checkerboard pattern on it..it was just a soft suede

Pair 4 in either silver sparkly or black sparkly

pair 5- these are actually patent leather...and I bought these tonight cause I will wear them for work and they were seventy five percent off...score an awesome pair of shoes...but aren't they kinda boring?? (NOT that I am trying to sway you at all :))

Also jewelry suggestions would be awesome...I don't really like the dress as much as I did when I bought it months ago...but I haven't been able to find anything else....so I need to dress it up a bit!
This is my 300th post...what better subject than shoes right??
hugs and love to you all!


  1. Is this an evening wedding Col? I like all your choices, but my vote is for the last pair. It may just be me, but shoes that have been sparkled with glitter look like craft projects gone bad. giggle. Sorry.

    Silver jewelry, definitely. I would go for a chunky bracelet and some big hoopy type earrings [depending on the length of your hair] but the neckline is so pretty I don't think you need a necklace. If not hoopy - something dangly earring wise.

    What do I know anyway? What I do know is you will look lovely no matter what. And tall. You are definitely going to be tall. heehee


  2. PS - I am jealous you can wear high heels. I want!

    And big KUDOS on your 300th post. I got all caught up being Tim Gunn there for a moment and forgot to send you best wishes. heehee

  3. I like pair four, in the silver sparkles. Very very in right now and will go lovely with the blue. And yeah as skippy says, silver jewellery but not much, just a bracelet and earings :)

  4. I prefer the simplicity of number three.

  5. It drives me bananas that I just recently realized you had a non-LJ journal. It's going to take me months to catch up on all your blogging!!

    Ok, so you know I LOVE fashion so hard and LOVE giving my opinion - ha!

    That dress needs a little pop, since it has no pattern and is a muted tone (but a beautiful dress nevertheless). I'd definitely to with #4 in the sparkly silver. DO NOT wear black shoes with this dress. Black and blue are off just enough in color to make it look like you didn't know how to match your shoes.

    As for jewelry, I would try to wear a couple of necklaces like this, that are very long and dramatic which would bring the eye down and make your torso look longer, or something shorter that is more pearls than silver, like this, that would add nice detailing around your neck, but would still tie into your shoes. But I would definitely stick with the silver and/or pearl theme. As for earrings, if you go with pearls, try to find some drop pearl earrings like this. If you go with silver jewelry, I'd stick with some large stud CZs like this.

    Have fun!!!

  6. Hi Col. Lovely dress (oh! congratulations on 300 posts. That's quite an achievement!). Andrea has been very helpful there, hasn't she?! I agree with her about the sparkly silver shoes.

  7. #2 or #4 (in the silver) - love both of them. love the last pair, too. i can't wear heels. i fall off of anything higher than a short pump. you'll look lovely no matter. chunky silver jewelry. beautiful.

    congrats on 300!