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Monday, August 2, 2010


This was a whirlwind of a weekend- my grandfather had a heart attack on thursday night so I was on my way to Connecticut after work on Friday. He is going to be okay and all in all it was a good wake up call. The one thing that struck me is the relationship that my grandparents have and how other people notice it. They have been married for 55 years this past Friday. Their movements are in conjunction with each other- they naturally shift in one direction to support each other. When my grandfather was allowed to get up and walk on Saturday, they gripped hands and did laps around the very small CCU. The nurses all noticed and commented on how cute they were. I walked behind them desperately wanting to break the rules and take a picture so that I could remember that is what I would like my marriage to be like in 40 years. Their committment to one another is an amazing thing and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to witness it.


  1. You will have the picture in your mind :) Thanks for sharing this.
    And I'm glad your grandfather is ok!

  2. Yes, keep the memory for now. But the very next opportunity you get, take a picture! It's what the "rocking chair years" are meant for. Glad your grandfather is doing okay.

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  3. Glad your grandfather is doing well.

  4. Thanks ladies...I appreciate the thoughts..and welcome to the blog...