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Thursday, July 29, 2010


This weekend was fantastic. Not only because I got to visit with family and friends that I have seen in a while but also because one of my oldest and bestest friends made the trip with her daughter to come down for the weekend. I haven't seen her in about 3 years and although we talk on the phone about once a week it was so nice to get that hug and be able to talk face to face. I consider myself very lucky to have friends still from when I was in middle school and although the distance means that we can't see each other as much as we would like we definitely can pick up where we leave off when we do see each other.
Her daughter is one of the most adorable kids I have ever seen. She played hard this weekend and is talking up a storm. Those are the things that I miss the most about not living closer. The milestones of having a baby, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. that you miss because you are not closer. She is almost 2 years old and this is the first time I met her. I am glad that I got to see her and although I think we are both still catching up from lack of sleep from the weekend, every minute was well spent catching up and just enjoying being in the same room with each other. As I think back to the friends I have had, who I have lost touch with, who there was a one sided attempt to maintain the friendship, I am truly blessed to have friends that I share a significant history with and who will be there no matter what.

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  1. That's so nice :)
    My oldest freind (from 3rd grade) is going to have a baby, and I'm sure I won't see her till she's older... but it's still nice to be in touch :)