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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Time

This was a crazy stressful week at work and I was ready for the weekend. My sister in law and I shopping all morning. She is going away in a week and she needed "grown up" clothes. She needed a dress for a formal dinner. My sister in law, who I have the all the respect in the world for and is truly an amazing person, is a stay at home mom. She will be the first one to tell you that she stays at home with the kids in her pj's. So it's always fun when we get to go shopping. She tried on a whole bunch of dresses and found several that were perfect. It's always so much fun when we go shopping together and gives me some really great girl time that I never get to have. She makes me smile...I love the fact that we are close and that we are able to talk about anything. Knowing that she is always here and that we have the chance to go out and hang out for a while is always a welcome change.

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  1. Glad you ladies had fun :) That's so nice to have each other like that.
    That's awesome, I wish I had that!