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Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 years ago today...

I woke up in the morning with butterflies in my stomach and a lightness in my heart. I was surrounded by family and friends after a night of some crazy fun that included just enough alcohol. Needing to run around, pick up flowers, making sure everything was ready, a rehearsal, a stress melt down and some well timed advice from someone very special to me. Finally it was time to get ready. Hair, makeup, steaming the dress, time to go. Hearing the music made by my wonderful friends, surrounded by love, excitement and a need for time to stop to enjoy the moment. then I saw him and the look on his face as my dad walked me down the aisle and time did stop. Joy, tears, laughter and love bubbled over and the vows we exchanged were just the beginning of the promises we have made to each other. That day was amazing, fun, scary, full of love. We were able to share the begining of our life together with family and friends and have a good time.
The last ten years have been full of immense joy, sadness, laughter, tears, whispered words, harsh words, promises made, promises broken, love, anger, hugs, kisses, and a lot of work. I truly married my best friend who knows everything about me, who accepts everything about me, and who loves me, cherishes me and is willing to work through anything with me. My wedding day was just the start of our lives together and looking back ten years later, he is the reason I smile, the reason I get up in the morning, my reason for being and the only one who I want to share today, tomorrow and always with. he is my reason to smile, always!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    That was so sweet :) Thanks for sharing it!