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Friday, March 2, 2012

What a week

This was a week of challenges...some have been dealt with and some are in process. Only one isn't started yet- but it's a fun one so that's okay...

Change of job- check- pretty much under control. Minor set back yesterday when I realized that the person who has done the job for the last seven years would not be available for three weeks for questions- by then I will already know everything! But the panic subsided as hubby reminded me that it wasn't long ago that I didn't know everything about the job i was doing and I managed to completely rock that one...so this one I am starting with more knowledge.

Lots of snow- check- nothing a hotel room and a plow guy can't fix

Hubby's truck broke- in process- they did a bunch of work on it a few weeks ago and all of a sudden it's stalling- the day he got it back from the mechanic and they are saying it's nothing they did.. He is dealing with that part of life right now and it kinda stinks but he is pretty upset by the whole thing so I know he will take care of it.

Moving my desk at work- I am all packed up and waiting for them to actually make the move so I can unpack and get settled in my new spot

The furnace broke. This was completely unforeseen and meant that it was 38 degrees in the house tonight when hubby got home. He called me at work asking for the number for our oil place- which I gave to him without even trying to figure out what was wrong. He called them, they came, they fixed it and the house is starting to warm up (at last glance the thermostat said 49...thank goodness for lots of extra comforters, warm slippers and sweaters. All that's left is to deal with the bill when it comes in. A new furnace is at the top of the list of home improvements once the weather is nice enough that we don't need the heat on every day.

Birthday shopping. A couple of the super important kids in our lives have birthdays this month and I need to go shopping and get packages put together to mail out and to bring with us to the parties. My niece turns 7, nephew turns 5 and my cousin's child (who I miss terribly) turns 10.

I need to decide if I am going to drive down to MA for a girls night out next weekend...it is about a three hour drive and I am not sure that I want to stay in a hotel by myself over night...I am becoming quite the antisocial one...I would almost prefer to stay curled up with my kitties and my husband....we will see what the beginning of the week brings before I make any decisions on that one.

I need to return a dress still and do some general running around this weekend- but I think that will all wait until Sunday....I am ready for a day in yoga pants and a sweatshirt where I can zone out for bit...that's the plan for tomorrow.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend....hugs and lots of love...stay safe and warm.


  1. You stay warm too, happy weekend!

  2. sounds like the perfect Saturday after a busy week. I wouldn't have minded doing that myself today.

  3. Wow girl there is a lot going on in your lives at the moment but appears it is all being handled. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I envy your birthday shopping. All the January b-days are done and it will be April [only 1 :( ] before we have another. I love presents and wrapping.

    Enjoy your week.