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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am posting from my kindle.so.please excuse weird spelling errors..
There have been lots of changes...
I don't like to post a lot about my job here..
I have changed positions at work..still in sales but a different kind of sales...
I will be working primarily with partners who are selling our program.
I think it is going to expand my skill set and hopefully set me up for something new and different soon.
Mostly..its a change....I have been in a funk as of late and this is going to help..
Sometimes any kind of change is good because it engages your mind in a different way..
that is how I am feeling about this change...
I am developing processes for myself and challenging the way things have always been done to make it more productive and to grow the business..
it is meaning more hours at the moment..I am hoping that evens out s bit (as is hubby) ..
But for now..the challenge makes me happy..
Which in the long run is what is important..
it has started snowing here...the weatherman says 8 to 14 inches of snow..
I hope you are all well..big hugs to you all and wishes to each of for sweet dreams and happy thoughts


  1. I am glad you have such a positive attitude toward the changes and seems you will surely be OK with the changes. 8 to 14 inches would be a total disaster here in NC and hopefully we have missed snow completely this year. The Bradford Pear trees are already starting to bloom here with temps in the 60's. The only real problem is that warm temps like these create the possibility for tornados. Be careful in the snow and have a great rest of the week.

  2. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is how we grow in life and career. I think it's great that you are taking on a new challenge. My thoughts are with you while it works itself out. The beginning is always a bit tough. 8-14 inches? OMG... I went to the beach in a bathing suit today. How crazy. Hugs and love sweetie. Good luck.

  3. wow - that is a lot of snow! we had temps of 65-70 here today but only supposed to be 50 tomorrow.

    you have such a great attitude. it's sometimes hard to adjust to things but it sounds like you have a good handle on it. have a good weekend.

  4. Love that you are embracing the challenges that the change is bringing. So many people fear and resist change.