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Friday, March 16, 2012

Busy busy busy

which I think is why it has been a whole week since I last spoke to you all.
Smiles this week:
My husband continues to have the patience of a saint with me and my new crazy hours....and my general crankiness when I get home.
He has had dinner ready every night this week....the grill has been broken out of winter hiding and is getting some really good use...

We leave for vacation in two weeks...
I CANNOT wait....I don't remember the last time I have looked so forward to going away...
It's my whole family- mom, dad, sister, brother in law, kids, my brother and his significant other...should be a good time...and let's face it- a week in the sun with margaritas..bring it on...

I left work early today. I left there at 1pm. I was pretty excited to get out of there for the afternoon. i wish the weather had cooperated a bit more- but it's supposed to be warm and sunny all weekend..so rain and not so warm today is okay...
As many of you know when I leave work early it is usually to run a myriad of errands that I don't want to save until the weekend. I had just one thing I needed to do today- I needed to get my drivers license renewed. Now, most places you can do that online- but not here anymore..you need to go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and get it done.
So I went..took a number and sat there for a few minutes....I realized that I had forgotten my passport and ran home to get it...It took me 40 minutes round trip to get back to the BMV. I walked in and they were calling number 185..I was number 187. So I sat there for about 5 minutes, they called my number and I was done. Very good timing...although I am sure I missed out on some killer people watching!

Not much going on this weekend...we need to go through clothes...figure out what if anything we need for vacation...go out and get it. We are having dinner with hubby's cousins family tomorrow night which should be fun...no big St. Patty's day plans...but we should find a place to have green beer.

I hope you are all well...hugs and lots of love to you all!


  1. Great times ahead, holiday - lucky girl!

  2. I'm glad that hubby is looking after you. That makes such a difference when you have had a hard day at work! The vacation sounds as if it will be wonderful, especially with the whole family going. Enjoy the weekend, and I do hope you get to relax a little. Hugs.

  3. Now THAT is the way to go to BMV. heehee I love to people watch, but the DMV is too much even for me. The smells and the cacophony makes my head spin. Thank goodness we go so rarely. :)

  4. Busy times for you girl but at least you will be able to relax on vacation soon. I have been staying busy during my first week of retirement getting stuff organized at the house while Linda is working. Take care and keep us posted

  5. Why did you need your passport to renew your licence? We have to go into the RTA to renew ours here in Australia as we need to have a new photo taken each time it is renewed. What sucks is that we cannot smile in the photo.

  6. I like to think busy is always better than bored. And holidays, wonderful. So great to look forward to some time off.

    Your BMV sounds as efficient as the similar department here.

  7. Good to hear from you as always. Things will settle down at work soon enough. What a sweet hubby you have. Reminds me of one I had too!! Focus on that vacation. It sounds delightful. Much love! Hugs