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Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't talk politics often..
at all..
mostly because I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Facebook has started to throw this stance in my face...
Friends of mine who post about politics on a regular basis..
Friends who don't have the same thoughts as I do about it..
And that's okay- I can ignore you..
I have a friend on my facebook page who I am finding difficult to ignore..
now, this might be a hot topic for people and I understand if you don't feel this way
But I am a bit irritated by the birth control debate going on right now.
Unless I am reading this entire debate incorrectly no one is making any one take the birth control.
All that I am hearing is that they want the birth control to be affordable.
Not that they were going to tie people down and make them take it so they couldn't procreate.
Now, believe it or not, I was raised Catholic.
I went to church every Sunday until I was eighteen.
I know that the church doesn't condone the use of birth control.
I also know that the church is a business who employees a lot of people..
in offices, schools, hospitals, charities.
Not all of the people that are employed by the church are going to believe everything that the church teaches.
As a matter of a fact, many practicing Catholics don't believe that contraception should be a sin.
I am not debating that fact, although I do have my own opinions on that thought process as well.
What I am debating is the fact that no one is trying to "tie a woman to a bed" to have their way with them.
No one is shoving the birth control down a woman's throat.
No one is forcing them to take birth control.
No one is trying to take a choice away from someone.
Actually, they are trying to give them a choice.
A choice to make it affordable to not have a child if their situations don't warrant it.
I am not sure if any of this makes sense- but I have been reading so much from some of my facebook friends- people that I respect immensely and with whom I have had many spirited conversations about religion.  I understand feeling strongly about your beliefs.  What I don't understand is not being able to recognize two sides of the story.


  1. I understand the debate quite differently. One side is arguing that insurance should NOT cover birth control while one of their party members wants it to be a law requiring women to give a reason WHY they need birth control [regardless of whether or not it is covered by insurance.] And in the melee there are some members calling women who take birth control sluts and whores.

    I don't know if that ties into what you meant, but I find all of it a huge invasion of a woman's privacy and very misogynystic. You would never ask a man why or call him a whore for buying condoms - and insurance covers Viagra, so why not BC?

    I don't talk politics much [if at all] because I find it similar to high school cliques and bullying - while the few and privileged keep getting richer with the help of their local congressman/senator. It really has turned into a big mess.

  2. I agree choice is very important and I do not understand about how some countries could not have affordable birth control. Here in Australia I think it is pretty affordable depending on what type a person who choices to use.

  3. Well Sweet Thang, that one went right over my head sorry to say. I have not been keeping up with the issue although I firmly agree that birth control should be affordable and available especially in countries with a birth rate problem.
    The primary issue that bothers me at the moment is Medicare cost. I received an email, and who knows how true or accurate the information on them is. What is said was that currently Medicare comes out of our Social Security checks at the rate of 90 sum dollars a month. The current administration has put into place increases. I think is was 2014 that the amount is supposed to be over $200 a month and that could devastate many elderly on fixed incomes. If what I said is right, it sure is wrong.