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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's List

Lots to smile about and one worry..
New computer at work...getting closer to be able to bring work home with me...
Closer to vacation- only seven days til we leave!!
The weather here has been glorious....
83 degrees today..
in March..
Up here in the Northeast...
That is practically unheard of.
Warranted buying my black sandals for the season today...
Waxing and a pedicure tomorrow..
Birthday party this weekend..

My worry for the week is my dearest hubby.
He has had this crazy pain in his lower right side for the better part of the week..
Came on quite suddenly on Saturday right after his doctors appointment..
Hasn't gone away..
I have suggested all week that he call the dr...
Some how this phone call hasn't taken place yet.
He was in a lot of pain tonight...
I suggested the ER...he laughed at me.
I pulled out the trump card..
I called Nan.
His wonderful grandmother who really is the only person in the world he will listen to when he has his mind set against doing something...he doesn't like to know that he is worrying her.
I threatened all week to call and tonight, while he was laying on the floor because it made him feel better and he scoffed at the suggestion that he call the dr tomorrow I got fed up.
I called.
I explained the situation and then handed him the phone.
He will be calling the dr. tomorrow...cause Nan said that he had to and that she would worry and not sleep if he didn't.
I am not above guilt trips to make him take care of himself.

I hope you all had a good week...and that the universe has been kind.
Sending hugs and positive thoughts out to all of you tonight on the warm breeze coming through my window...and if you don't mind sending some back for my dearest husband...I would certainly appreciate it.
Love and hugs!


  1. Thankfully I am married to a man who doesn't hesitate to go to the doctor when he has a problem as I understand a lot of men won't.

    It is pretty bad pain Col if he has to relieve the pain by laying on the floor. You certainly have my most positive thoughts that it isn't anything serious and the can make him feel better very soon. Fingers crossed.

    Take care and please give him our best. [And please keep us updated!]

  2. Very nicely done taking care of your hubby. Have a great weekend. I will be driving to Rocky Mount today to meet my 3 girls for lunch and our get together for my birthday which is tomorrow.

  3. Lots of good things happening, but oh dear, you must get that pain sorted out for hubby, especially with the vacation so close. You don't want anything to spoil that. Do hope everything will be okay. Keep us informed please! Hugs coming your way. Good for you on making that phone call. My hubby is just the same!

  4. Men are so stubborn. You did the right thing! I like your style of thinking...lol. Hugs.