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Friday, March 23, 2012

Date night.

Hubby and I had a date night tonight which consisted of:
Putting gas in the truck- ick
Going to Wally World- double ick
Going tanning
Going to the movies
Going to dinner.

Not too bad....I remember the times when date would include going out to the bars, meeting up with friends- tonight we got home at ten fifteen and were both ready for bed...how times change..

hubby is feeling a bit better- he did go to the dr today and they think he pulled a muscle in his back...they have given him muscle relaxers with the instructions to call back on Tuesday if it's not better. So Nan worked her magic again!

We are headed north tomorrow for my nephew's birthday...Hope that you weekends are bright, full of fun and lots of smiles...see you on Sunday!


  1. Glad it was only a pulled muscle. That's great news.:)

    Hope you had a wonderful evening. Sure sounds like fun.

  2. When hubby and I go out at night we are always home early we like going out for a meal..........ok I like going out for a meal and putting a few dollars through the pokies but hubby not so much. Why because he doesn't drink much when we go out so he likes to get home so he can drink.

    Glad to hear your hubby only pulled a muscle and it was nothing more serious......

  3. Well in the end you did have some fun right? Enjoy your weekend,

  4. I am also glad it something as simple as a pulled muscle and not something worse. Yes my friend as we get older the fun time gets more down to earth and shorter but that is OK too. Have a safe trip and fun with relatives. See you Sunday.

  5. Hope he is 100% in no time. Vacation is just around the corner! Big hugs and love ya!

  6. So glad that your hubby finally succumbed, and went to the Doctors (following instructions from nan!!). Enjoy the birthday party. The date night sounds like fun. Hugs to you my friend.