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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of my favorite kids turns 5 today

Drove up north to a birthday party for my nephew.
He was a cutie
Although too old now to give Auntie a hug in front of his friends (major bummer)
He whispered in my ear that he loved me though...so that kinda made up for it!
 Shopping with my sister in law which is always a good time.
Spending time with the rest of family...touch and go at best.
My nephew is about the cutest child in the WORLD.
 I came in from shopping and he runs up and gives me a great big hug. Auntie, come down here.
I knelt down A great big kiss.
Auntie, I am sorry I didn't give you a hug at my party.
Sweetie, it's okay...you are getting bigger.
Auntie, I didn't hurt your feelings right?
No sweetie, Auntie just needs to realize that you are getting bigger.
 Auntie, I love you and from now on we will have a signal when I can't give you a hug.
What's that.
 I will come over and do this (he puts his pinkie finger inside mine) like a pinkie promise that I will always love you best.
Okay kiddo, that sounds good...as I am trying to hold back the tears.
We had a cake for him on Sunday after dinner
. Auntie, come here with your cake. He was sitting in the living room.
I went in there and he looked at me and said Aren't you forgetting something.
 I looked at him and honestly had no idea what he was talking about.
He gave me that look- with his head turned and his eyebrows raised... He pointed at his nose and said- isn't there supposed to be something right here.
I remembered and scooped up a bit of icing and put it on his nose.
I leaned down so he could do the same and then he cracked up giggling.
I have done that with him on every one of his five birthdays.
After he was done with his cake and had icing all over his lips he came over to me and said Auntie come here.
I leaned down and he gave me a great big icing kiss. I told him he was a cutie.
He says, you're cuter...you are cute as a button.
We were getting ready to leave and he kept running over to me and giving me a hug and a kiss...Auntie I forgot to tell you I loved you.
Auntie I forgot to give you a kiss
 We were getting into the car and he runs out without any shoes on and says to me Auntie I need some sugar.
I gave him a great big hug and a kiss
 And he says- I guess that will have to be good enough- but you will need to come back soon because it won't last very long.
He makes me smile...
makes me laugh..
makes our trips up there worth every single minute.
He turned five years old today...and that makes me a little sad...
He called me, after I left a message singing happy birthday this morning and sang happy birthday on my voicemail.
They grow up so fast...


  1. Wow, talk about unconditional love. You are one blessed Auntie if there has ever been one. You surely need to plan more frequent trips north.

  2. Oh Col, your little nephew loves you so much - how incredible is that, and what a blessing in your life he must be. I found the whole post to be really touching, with all the little comments he made.

  3. Aw, that is so sweet! I love that he's gonna come up with a signal that he wants to hug you but just can't at the moment!

    Hope you are well! :D

  4. What a sweetheart and I am pretty sure he is always going to hug his Auntie, just not in front of his friends