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Monday, November 7, 2011

Things I have learned this week

Well I survived a whole weekend with the kids....
I have learned some things...
I have learned that grocery shopping is crazy expensive when you are buying for six people
But to hear a child say that something is the best they have ever eaten makes you forget how much it cost
Cutting coupons is a necessity no matter how much I hate it...
Yes, you are that person in the grocery store that buys eight loaves of bread when they are on sale.
Kids don't understand money...at all..and they still believe in money trees.
You can have a family game night and enjoy bowling with the kids on the wii.
Nine year olds don't EVER stop talking...they narrate everything...sometimes things come out of their mouths that will teach you a lot but you have to listen to all of it...
Nail polish remover doesn't work on walls but it does work on computer covers
Timeouts do calm a three year olds temper tantrum and the bath tub is a perfectly good place to have one.
Spongebob sucks brain cells out of your head
They are proud of the picture that they can hang on your refrigerator
Never assume you know what they are drawing
Little toys hurt when you step on them
Adults need timeouts too.
Kids will repeat everything you say
They crave structure
It is great to listen to them play outside.....they have amazing imaginations
It may be different when they are your own...but I am definitely not a patient enough person to have a child...
I am continuing to learn from them every day and we are all adjusting....some better than others..but we are adjusting and will continue to do so...


  1. Wonderful, isn't it? Even with all the ups and downs I am still, to this day, amazed by my kids. They are simply the best part of my day. I am so happy you are enjoying yourself - they sound like truly wonderful, grateful kids.

    So nice.

  2. Lego is the worst to step on. Really hurts. So was it you having the time out in the bath or the child. Both work in my experience

  3. I agree with SkippyMom, even with all the ups and downs, children really are such a blessing. This is a huge learning curve for you and hubby, and I admire you so much for taking it all on. Most people have a chance to get used to having children around, but you have just been thrown in at the deep end!

  4. Ah chaos is hardwrork but wonderful :) We use coupons too - no kids in this house! I've nominated you for an award, details are on my blogs. Hugs x

  5. This brought back lots of memories of my girls, especially how they could talk at nine years old!

  6. Even though a 9 year old can talk your ear off, if you really listen you really can learn a lot about the child and where they are at mentally. It's so cute. Time out in a tub sounds perfect for an adult!!! You're doing great Nic. Those kids sound like they are really in a better place now. Hugs and love.