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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am not strong enough

and I may need to let go
I am not able to make you change
you need to make your own choices,
Choose your own path
I can guide you
I can help you
but in the end it is  you who need to be strong enough
Strong enough to think with your head
To think of your kids
To want for the better
Strong enough to take the steps
to walk away
I cannot will the strength to you
I cannot decide for you
I cannot cajole
or make you do it
I can't make you look at the gift you have
your three precocious but precious kids
the three lives who depend on you to make the right choices
who depend on you to be strong enough
It is your path
your choice
your life


  1. Given such a wonderful opportunity and she couldn't appreciate it. What a shame.

    I know I shouldn't say this, but I think it bears it - she will not help herself or her children until she hits rock bottom. I don't know what that is for her, but if she is in her mid/late twenties with three kids she will find out soon enough.

    I think she just burned her last bridge. It really is a shame when you, your husband and I am sure so many others have tried to help her.

    Please stay strong for you and hubs and remember you DID do your best.

    All my love and hugs for you sweetheart. I am so sorry.

  2. i'n speechless simply because i've seen this with my own family and coming from someone who wanted lots of children and couldn't have them and then seeing people throw that precious gift away. well it makes me very upset and sad.

  3. I totally agree with SkippyMom and Becca on this one. The whole situation is just SO sad, and I feel so much for those three little ones. Beautifully written words from you today Col. Sending hugs your way.