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Friday, November 11, 2011

There are not enough words.

To every young man who, at eighteen signs away his life for years, to serve our country

To every young woman who decides to ignore the stereotypes and put on fatigues

Every shot gun wedding the night before you leave

Every letter a young woman writes to her love countries away and every breath that I held hoping to get one in return

To every father who leaves their children to fight for our freedom.

For every Skype conversation that happens between a mother and child, father and son, every email written,

For every sacrifice that is made fighting for our freedom,

Thank you

Not just today,

Not just tomorrow,

But always.

To the brave men and women, past present and future who bravely sign a piece of paper to fight for our freedom,

Who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us,

There are no words to express how grateful, humbled and honored I am to be call you grandpa, uncle, family and friend.
My Grandpa Jack and Uncle Bob


  1. Beautiful post. Lest we forget

  2. Truly lovely written post my friend, and what a lovely photo of your grandpa and your uncle. We will never forget.

  3. As someone who spent time in Viet Nam I appreciate your post. Enjoyed that last picture a lot.