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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At mom's house

it is so nice to be out of my house..
We had a bunch of drama before we left and will need to deal with the aftermath when we get home...
But right now I am enjoying being at my mom's house..
We hung out yesterday...
Surprised my niece at school for grandparent's day
She made a quilt for her family tree...complete with pictures...
It was amazing
We got to be the fun aunt and uncle
So awesome
Then dinner with my parents and my grandmother who's here...
It is so nice to just be able to relax
Nice to be able to smile
Nice to be able to spend time with my family.
I hope that you all have an amazing day today
And that you enjoy your families
There is much to be thankful for...
and I count each of you as one of those things that I am extremely thankful for.
Sending smiles, love and lots and lots of positive energy to each of you!!
Hugs and love!


  1. Enjoy your time there my friend, and don't worry about the other stuff until you get home. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Loved,loved, loved this post girl. So glad you got a chance to enjoy your self away from the drama. It was kind of like when Linda & I went to the beach. It was so refreshing. Good luck on the trip back to the drama. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Sounds wonderful. I think it is so great your niece made a picture quilt. Awesome!

    Glad you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. Hope you have a few more days of it too.

    Happy Thanksgiving my friend. I give thanks for you everyday. :D

  4. the quilt sounds amazing! so glad you're having a good time. sorry that you had pre-vacation drama. that always sucks.

    take care - i'm blessed to count you among my friends.

  5. So nice to but the drama aside for a little while and enjoy being with those you love and care about

  6. Sounds like a good family time. I love homemade quilts.