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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heart to Heart

Sitting and listening
To the imaginations of children
To the sounds of them playing
and still here.
A heart to heart conversation was had the other night.
I was not nice,
I was frustrated, upset and needed her to realize her bad decisions could have disastrous consequences.
I laid it all on the line for her.
I did not sugar coat it
I did not make it into a pretty little box for her
I was a tad over dramatic, but within the realm of possibility.
I know she heard me
I don't know if it will  make a difference
We are trying to make it work.
In other news, I am super excited to be going to my parents house for Thanksgiving.
A whole week with my mom and dad
Smiles and snuggles with some of my favorite little ones
I am ready for a break..
I am ready for some quality time with my hubby
I am ready to be the fun Auntie who can spoil the kids,
who can wind them up
who can snuggle and have fun
and who doesn't have to discipline
Doesn't have say yes or no
Doesn't have to do bed time
Doesn't have to make decisions
I am ready for a break....and definitely ready to step back for a little while and rejuvenate


  1. Well, let's hope that she heard you and that some things might change for the better. Lovely that you have that visit with your mum and dad to look forward to for Thanksgiving , and to be an auntie again.Hugs.

  2. How did you manage the whole week off? LUCKY! heehee I want to go too. :D

    Are you leaving your guests at your home while you are gone? Please, if you do, be very careful and set very strong house rules. I shudder to think what she could get up to if left alone in your lovely home. [No offense, but have had it happen to us before.] Then again, you already know this, eh?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep us updated on the festivities. :D

  3. Have a great time with your parents and a wonderful Thanksgiving always nice to be the cool auntie I often try to be the cool auntie..........

    Sometimes we need to have a good straight forward chat with those we love and care about and hope they are listening and taking in what we are saying.......

  4. Raising children is difficult. I hope she listened. It is wonderful to get a break when you need one. Have a great visit!

  5. You sound like you had a moment like I did the other day. I hate it when I lose my cool, but sometimes it is the only option left and if nothing else, it should have lifted some of your stress. I hope it helps and I am happy you get to have a break and really enjoy thanks giving.

    Sending you hugs and smiles

  6. good for you to lay it out for her. she probably needed to hear what you had to say.

    enjoy your thanksgiving and time away!