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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank you

Thank you all for your words of support on my post yesterday....
I was tired when i wrote it and have since rethought it and pulled it down.
She has been through a lot and is processing everything...
I need to remind myself that.
I am off from work tomorrow so she can go to her DHS meeting and get things set up..
Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we will have a minute to work on her resume and find local resources for counseling and stuff.
I am working on my communication with her and not hedging things with her.
I am going to continue to work on it, enforce the rules and repeat myself.
Deep breaths and lots of counting to ten.


  1. Brilliant Col! Especially the working on your communication with her bit. Hopefully, your cousin will also feel better when she has had her DHS meeting. It's a bit daunting for all of you at the moment - hang on in there my friend!

  2. Sorry I missed it, but I am sure that you are doing your best no matter the problems you are facing. You are our Col after all. :D

    I hope she knows how lucky she is to have you. Hugs, my friend.

  3. sorry i missed your post. like skippy said - i'm sure you're doing your best and i bet you that she recognizes it as well. many, many hugs coming your way.

  4. Good for you! What you are doing for her is wonderful.

  5. sorry I missed it but i'm sure whatever the fuure holds you will do fine and all will work out