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Saturday, July 16, 2011

the weekend

Harry Potter was awesome!!! Well worth staying up late and seeing...I can't believe that it's all over...but we will be going to see it again with my brother and my mom next week in IMAX..
Yesterday's interviews went really well. I think that I touched on everything that I felt the position needed to offer and the four people that I interviewed with agreed with me..which was awesome. Hopefully they will make a decision soon. It would be nice to get started if they are going to offer me the job.
It was odd talking about the things that I would do differently in the department. I have immense respect for my boss and what she does, but she's one person and they really need someone in there who can help and concentrate on the "stuff" that isn't being dealt with now. If I don't get the job, I hope that they at least listen to what I said and the new person that they get in there will be able to concentrate on some of what I talked about. The only way I won't get the job is if they interview someone who is more experienced than I am.
We were supposed to head up north this weekend to help hubby's dad with some stuff but apparently he doesn't need our help so we will spend the weekend at home....need to get laundry put away and pack for our trip next week.
This week was full of smiles, from Harry Potter to interviews it was a good week and I am grateful for a weekend to just kinda chill and relax. Hope that you all are having a great one and enjoying the time away from work... hugs and lots of love to you!!!


  1. glad the interviews went well. i meant to comment the other day to wish you luck but got sidetracked.

    hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. So glad you felt the interviews went well. Fingers crossed. You always bring a smile to this face sweetie. Hope you know that!

  3. Hi Col. Good to see you here again. I always miss you when you're not around! Glad that you had a good week, and I do hope that you get that job. I shall be seeing the very last Harry Potter over the next couple of weeks, when my granddaughter comes over from France. We've seen all the other ones together. I've heard that it is awesome! Nice that it turned out that you can have a nice, relaxing weekend.

  4. My granddaughters saw the movie last night and also loved it. It sounds like your interviews were terrific, Good luck!

  5. Great that you had such a good week with positive feeling from the interviews, an awesome movie and now time to kick back and enjoy time at home. Hope the rest of your weekend is perfect.

  6. Thats great that you enjoyed the movie my daughter has seen it twice now and she is thinking about going to see it again..Sounds like you interview went well, well I hope it did.......

  7. I don't want to see this last HP because then it means it really IS over. Dorky, I know.

    But yay for the interviews!