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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday's List

It's THURSDAY!!!!  YAY....I can't wait for the weekend...it's been a grueling week (as they often are when you get back from vacation)..
A lot to smile about this week.
Coming home to a quiet house with kitties who can't get enough patting, loving and snuggling
The forty degree temperature difference
The quiet
Veggies growing in the garden that will be ready for picking this weekend
It's blueberry season and I am seriously contemplating blueberry jam this weekend
A compliment from a customer this week
Being caught up and almost at goal for the month ( I am trying really hard to see this one as a positive...it's been a long time since it's been this late in the month making goal..but it's in sight and will be there tomorrow)
Only seven and a half more days until I am sitting in Florida with my very best friend in the whole world...a cocktail in my hand and some quality time with her and her daughter..
Have I mentioned the quiet in my house??
I love my family, all of them to pieces, but I also love coming home to the peace and quiet of my own house and my own bed.
I hope that you are all well and that you are enjoying the last month of summer..hugs and love from my corner of the universe to yours!!


  1. The quiet is my favorite part.

  2. Florida sounds like a dream! and so much fun.

    I hate the quiet, but that is just me - sometimes I think it is careful what you wish for. Then again the cacophony of 5 kids chattering away around the table was music. I miss it.

    I think I need to learn to enjoy the quiet. heehee

    Have a nice, quiet weekend girlie.

  3. That post is like one giant happy face. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Col. Yes, I love the quiet as well, but I am an only child, so I don't know if that's got anything to do with it! I can imagine you starting to get really excited now about meeting up with your friend and her daughter, especially as the last visit had to be postponed! Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  5. There's just no place like home is there? Blueberries....oh I love fresh picked blueberries! Hugs sweetie!

  6. Yes holidays are great but it always feels good to get home and back to your own bed............

  7. I love being in my own home too and although I am from a big family with lots of noise and busyness, I do like a bit of quiet time. Hope you are having a good weekend :)