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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First box in the mail

So I got my first box of goodies for my giveaway today...
No pictures because I want it to be a surprise- but I am getting closer. My original goal was to have boxes out before I left for Maryland next week...but I am still waiting on a couple of things.,...so that's not going to happen. But soon...I promise.
I have second interviews scheduled for Friday....six of them. I think I am ready, but really can't wait until they are all over. At this point I am not sure when the job is even going to be decided upon...but I am excited because these interviews are with people that I don't get face time with on a regular basis so this will be good....any opportunity to make myself known, right?
Things were good today...productive day at work and a good evening with glasses of wine and dinner.
Hubby is out late tonight for work so I have enjoyed my quiet time this evening and am going to go read in bed for a little while before he gets home.
Harry Potter comes out this week and I am beyond excited to see this last movie. Debating on going at midnight on Thursday. not sure that's such a good idea with the interviews the next day..
Rambling a bit...hope all is well in your corners of the universe...sending love and lots of good wishes out to all of you on the back of star beams tonight!! Hugs and love


  1. Isn't it always great to get parcels in the mail even if you are expecting the parcel it still feels good when you get it............

    Hope the second interview goes well and you hear about the job soon rather then later............

    It is so cold here today I went out to peg the clothes on the line and came in with my nose running and eyes watering.....

  2. You will do absolutely fine in those interviews. Hope you enjoyed your quiet time. Hugs sweetie!

  3. Your interviews should be a breeze for you girl and I hope you enjoy the new movie.

  4. you will be great in the interviews and how exciting to get packages in the mail i love it. have a safe trip

    Everyday Life

  5. Hi Col. Hope all goes well with the interviews. Gosh, this situation with the job seems to have been going on for ever!! Like you, I can't wait to see the last ever Harry Potter film. The 13 year old granddaughter will be here next week, so we'll definitely be going to see it then. I'm sure we're all excited by your giveaway! Hugs back to you my friend.

  6. A little quiet time is always nice. I love to read in bed but invariably I fall asleep before I get a page into it. heehee

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. See ya' soon.