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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Thank you all for your support yesterday...it is the cycle that this job goes through and I am just having a particularly hard time with it right now...but it's gotta get better..right ?
Tomorrow I am leaving..
There is nothing that makes me smile more than a trip....not just the destination but the getting there part too..
The anticipation of packing (usually way too much)
The packing the car
The smell of the airport
Checking in, knowing that you are going to be leaving shortly..
Going through security knowing that you are not as rushed as the person who seems to just want to get through faster..
Collecting your stuff and knowing that it will probably be another hour before getting on a plane (because I am ridiculously early when i go to the airport)...
Getting that airport pretzel or starbucks coffee and checking out the gift shop to see if there's anything new and exciting
Getting on the plane and settled and knowing that in a few short hours you are going to be someplace new and different
Immersing myself in a book while flying while listening to make sure hubby isn't snoring too loud..
The final descent into someplace else, watching the houses getting closer, the traffic on the freeway or the crystal blue water depending on where I am going..
Getting off the plane...walking through the terminal
And finally exiting the terminal to the hugs and smiles of my parents...
Getting in the car, being someplace brand new, different smells, no worries for a few days...just taking a deep breath, catching up on what's new and exciting in this world you have suddenly entered for a few days...
Flying relaxes me...I know that's not the way it is for everyone...but for me, it's an experience in and of itself and it makes me unbelievably happy.
My husband, on the other hand, hates it...but he has gotten much better.
I am excited to see my mom and my dad and talk through everything that they already know about my life and what's going on but to see their reactions.
They live in a place where I have never lived...they moved to a new house and have been there for eleven years this year...they moved the summer I graduated from college so I never lived there.
It still feels like home...I can curl up on the couches and put my feet up or eat dinner at the table and know that this is home...just as much as my own house is.
To be called auntie by those that I share my blood with is going to be amazing and hasn't happened in almost eight months.
To see the one that couldn't talk, walk or do much of anything except sleep, laughing, crawling and walking around will be amazing.
To hear the stories of the school year, dance recitals, pirates and t ball will make my heart full
To get the snuggles, the hugs, the kisses and the amazing unconditional love of kids that I don't get to see often enough, but who know me...
To see my brother, in a comfortable relationship finally, hang out and just spend time together..
To get my dad's career advice and cook next to my mom in the kitchen while getting ready for a party...
Those are just some of the smiles that I will have and that I am looking forward to this weekend. I won't promise pictures because sometimes it's easy to just get caught up in it all..but I will try my best..
To fill my heart, my soul and my brain with memories and family- that is the ultimate reason to smile and although I don't get to do it often enough, when I do- they hold me over for a while.
Love and hugs to you all..may the rest of your week be filled with peace, love and lots of smiles!!


  1. You have a wonderful time with your family and a safe trip. I feel a lot of smiles coming your way this trip. That's all I can wish for you. Lots of love, hugs and smiles.

  2. Nic you are such a sweetheart and I hope every element of your trip is just what you want it to be. You know we are a bottomless pit when it come to desiring pictures but I would rather you just concentrate on hugging and being hugged by loving children and family. Have a wonderful rest of the week & pop in when you can.

  3. I want to fly somewhere now I am just so excited about you going away anyone would think it was me going away I am that excited....you go and have a fantastic time...........I have only flown once and I loved it hubby not so much...

  4. have fun (which i know you will anyway)! enjoy your time off!!! I don't mind the flying so much but i don't like the take off or landing.

  5. i know what you mean we are already getting excited about our trip and it's still 3weeks away. have a great time and safe travels