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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's List

It has been a long, crazy week.
There are changes on the horizon.  I am not sure what they are...but I have that feeling...we will see what they bring..
This week, I ordered some stuff for the giveaway I did weeks ago.  I can't wait to get the packages in the mail.  I will be emailing those of you who won to get addresses soon.  I am hoping to put stuff in the mail before I leave to go to my parents house.
I go to my parent's house in 13 days.  We are celebrating my dad's birthday...I really can't wait to see my parents....I miss them..plus my brother has the whole week off from work.  So we are going to get to hang out...I seriously can't wait.
The last installment of Harry Potter comes out in a week!!! I am so excited for this movie.  I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and will see the movie at midnight next week...and then again with my brother in Maryland....I CAN"T wait!
I sent out a box to a friend...I can't wait to hear how she liked it....very fun..
I think this weekend is going to be a jam making weekend.  We will go strawberry picking on Saturday and come home and make both strawberry and strawberry rhubarb.  If anyone wants me to include them in their packages (if you are in the US cause I can't sent food overseas...sorry) let me know....I also have apple jelly, cranberry jelly and I think orange marmalade left from last year!
It has been super warm this week...so fabulous...almost makes the winter worth it....
We had our first grilled pizzas of the summer tonight...so good.
I have another trip planned for the end of the summer.  I am going to Las Vegas!!  My "little" brother turns 30 this year and so we are going to Vegas to celebrate with him and his significant other, a friend of his and my parents.  It will be quite fun.  I can't wait to do that...so the end of the summer will be busy...
Hope that you are all doing well in your corners of the world.  Blogger is still not working well at the moment for me to leave comments...grrr.. frustrating..
Hope that your universe is happy and that you all have had reasons to smile this week.  Hugs and lots of love to all y'all!!


  1. Sounds like busy times ahead for sure. Hugs to you too sweetie! Love hearing from you.

  2. sounds like a busy, but fun time.

    let me know how much $$ some jam would be and i'd love to buy some from you. love homemade jams!

    have a great time.

  3. I can't wait for the final Harry Potter film. I'm so excited, sad and happy to see it.

    Looks like you are going to be rather busy but sounds like fun.

  4. Seems you are going to need some slow down time soon girl. Take care of yourself, OK?

  5. Wow, you've certainly got some good times coming up my friend. I'm happy for you, and it will be lovely for you to catch up with your family again. Hope you have a wonderful time, and make some happy memories. You deserve them!

  6. It is always fun to go to Las Vegas! If you change your browser to your blog to Google Chrome, you should be able to comment again. I had the same trouble.