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Friday, May 13, 2011

What a whirlwind

It's been a crazy couple of days....
blogger was down and I felt disconnected from all of you..
My parents are here as is my aunt and my brother.
We have:
bought and put together patio furniture
Cooked forty pounds of pork
been to walmart twice, the grocery store three times, BJ's twice, the dollar store twice and starbucks three times
we have a ton of food for the party tomorrow:
10 pounds of potato salad
3 pounds of macaroni salad
120 chicken skewers
spinach dip
onion dip
ranch dip
two vegetable platters
pepperoni, cheese crackers
hubby built stairs for the deck and put up a wall
Done lots of dishes..
Another trip to Bj's in the morning to pick up a cake and ice and a trip for seven table and fifty chairs...we need to put up a tent and set everything up..
Hoping for the weather to hold out until after the sun goes down tomorrow...
I think we are ready for a party.....anyone wanna come??
Hope that you are all doing well and that blogger stays up and running...
hugs to you all...i'll be back after the party...


  1. Sounds wonderful. What time do you want me there?

    Hope it goes well

  2. oh I wish I could be there! Have a great time :)

  3. wow that's alot of food i'll be right over for dinner.

  4. Wow I hope you have enough food............lol

    In our family we prefer to have to much food over not enough and both my dad and brother will complain at times that we over do the food....both mum and me say you can't haver to much food.......

    I hope the party went off without a hitch......