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Monday, May 9, 2011

Crazy weekend

well this weekend was quite insane.
The bathroom is almost done
Hubby says it will only take him a few more hours and that will completed.  It looks awesome.  If it wasn't so late I would take pictures....I promise I will..
My mother in law cleaned the house this weekend...it is also almost done..
She was actually pretty dealable this weekend...maybe because I refused to engage with her if I didn't like what she was saying or maybe because she did so much around here that it's not very nice to say something bad...either way she was incredibly helpful and the first layer of dust is off of everything...which is awesome.
My favoriteist aunt drove up from CT last night late and worked outside all day.  She has my hill almost all cleaned off, she pulled weeds, she planted...she's amazing.  I hate to garden and she knows that and accepts it and does it for me for my birthday every year.  Plus she makes me smile.
I painted some wainscoting in the kitchen white- which I love
I planted my flower pots and some lettuce.
I helped clean out the garage
I cooked and baked and did dishes.
I wrote a fifteen page paper.
There is still a lot to be done, but a lot was accomplished this weekend.  Hopefully the weather is nice next saturday cause I am not sure what I am going to do with all these people if it's not.
For now, I am happy knowing that I almost have a new bathroom, I almost have a clean house, I almost have a planted garden.  Now onto the week of menu planning, house cleaning, decorating and stress that leads up to a party.
For now, I am extremely grateful that there are people in my life who will come and help when we need it- even if I have to put up with disparaging comments.
I just emailed off my paper for my class so this one is done.  I start my next one on Tuesday- that means 12 more discussion questions and six more papers and I can officially say that I got my MBA.
For now I am going to send out hugs and wishes that you all have sweet dreams tonight (even though I hope that you are already in bed).....hugs and lots of love to you all..


  1. Picture a meeting room filled with those of us who attend SA meetings:

    "Hi. My name is Skippy. And I am a Slacker."

    Reading this made me tired girlie! :D So much got done! Amazing. I would go to bed with the bestest smile on my face.

    I know your MIL may be disparaging, I wish she wasn't, but like you said - she did a nice thing.

    And a bathroom, and a favorite Aunt visit with bonus garden...

    ...and my favorite! You are so close - I swear when you graduate VA is throwing a party in your honor. :D That is so awesome. Nice job on the paper YAY!

    I love to come visit because you are so thankful and that is the way it should be.

    Thanks Col. Gave me an early morning smile. Big!

  2. Great to hear that so much got done over the weekend this last week will just fly by. Good on you for letting those comments go although sometimes it is easier said then done.

  3. WoW! That was some productive weekend - way to go!! I can imagine how it must feel about the dust, but so lovely to know that the bathroom is almost there. Can't wait to see the photos! How wonderful that your aunt comes to do your garden every year for your birthday - awesome! Try not to get yourself too stressed over the coming week, and take all the help that is offered. You did give me a smile this morning dear friend.

  4. Oh my god you have made me very tired just reading this! You have had a very productive weekend so big pat on the back for you. As for the Mother in Law, I have one who makes me feel so insignificant and who thinks she is super mum when actually she is not so I so get you when you say that it was worth putting up with her in order to get her help. I am in this unenviable position constantly but I have gotten to where you are where I refuse to listen to it all.

    Have a brilliant day :)

  5. wow i need anap after reading this you got a lot done. me i was a total slacker this weekend laid around the house reading

  6. I have to give you credit for dealing with a MIL the way you do. My big mouth would certainly spew some nasty things out. You have been one busy woman and yet you find the time to wish us well and send positive thoughts our way. You are a saint my friend!!!

  7. When I read your post it makes me think of the Tasmanian Devil in the cartoons going around in a whirlwind pace. You have loads more energy than I do girl. Don't overdo. Take care and have a great week.