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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Ever have the feeling that there are people watching your every move?
Studying, watching, pretending not to see but memorizing every single thing?
I have talked about some of the monster that hide under my bed...
They are watching from the corner right now...
you can see them if you turn your head fast enough,
just out of the corner of your eye...
Even more than the glimpses you catch,
you can feel them breathing down your neck.
The sickening, damp, hot breath so you know that they are there.
No matter how much I pretend, how much I ignore,
I know that they are there...
ready to pounce..


  1. I know this feeling well! Running hell bent in the opposite direction sometimes helps but often you just have to stand and face them head on :)

  2. Monsters you say? All this time I thought it was the IRS! What a relief.

  3. Eeek! Monsters! That doesn't sound too good. Thankfully, I don't have any in my bedroom. Well, only one anyway!! Hee Hee!!

  4. I know the feeling...could it be the government?

  5. Have you ever heard the song by Wyclef Jean called 'Put Your Lights On'? It's on Santana's Supernatural Album. Check it out

  6. My monsters are of the dust bunny and canine variety.

    I hope your monsters go away soon. Or come and eat mine. :wink:

    Hugs darling!

  7. my monsters are these darn boxes that won't unpack themselves and put the contents away. oh... and the dust bunnies that have accumulated the past couple of weeks.

    btw... you might want to check out my blog post from yesterday.

  8. I am happy to say that I presently do not have any monsters & hope they don,t invite themselves in.

  9. Little Leo often tells me there are monsters around and has me or his mother frighten them away. When my daughter Natasha was little she was often scared of monsters and would say that if when I tried to frighten them away they wouldn't go so I had to spray them with room freshner told her they didn't like the nice smell of it because monsters only like yucky stuff and it worked.............