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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Shocking that things are crazy right now....
But I have a couple of things that I wanted to share before the day goes full swing:
My parents will be here in 27 hours and 11 minutes.  I can't WAIT to see them. 
The cleaning lady is coming today- I fired the elves- they just weren't cutting it.  So my house will be squeaky clean when I get home.
My bathroom is DONE!!  The toilet works, the sink works and there's a door a floor and paint on the walls.  I am so excited and eternally grateful for and in awe of my husband and the work he can accomplish
New class started last night- it's the LAST one....in 41 days I will be finished.
So that's my quick list of happy things this morning..
Hugs and love to each of you today!!


  1. things are looking good for you :) Have a lovely time with your folks

  2. After all the problems you have been experiencing I love a good report like this one. Have a happy day.

  3. I'm thrilled for you that the bathroom is FINISHED!! YAY! Good list of happy things there, Col. Enjoy the time with your mum and dad. It will be lovely for you to see them again.

  4. All such awesome news! A big bunch of YAYs from VA. Can you hear them? Well, my neighbors can and they think I have lost my mind. Nothing is too good for you Col. :D

    Love ya! Hope you have a fabulous time with your folks.

  5. I'm sure your parents are just as excited to see you too. So happy everything is coming together. You so deserve it! Hugs

  6. I bet you are excited to see you parents and they will be just as excited to see you.