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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend recap

It ended up being a really great weekend.
Those kids will make me laugh, smile and eternally grateful that I can be part of their lives.
Hubby and I drove them back up north on Sunday.
We stayed in a hotel at the slots casino and won enough to cover the cost of the room, food and the vegetables that we bought the next day to plant....yay!!
We left up there relatively early and commenced a comedy of errors trying to pick up some random stuff that we needed life a new air mattress, a travel cup and of course vegetables for the "garden".
We went to four different stores before we were done and wouldn't you know I forgot gallon size plastic bags that I needed...
We dug in the dirt (sort of).  We don't have a traditional garden, we plant in pots on the deck because it's easier than planting in the ground...no weeds this way and I don't have to worry about the animals as much.  We will see what they produce.  We have a couple of pepper plants, watermelon, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.  Hopefully we will be able to supplement the food we have to buy in the grocery store.
It was back to work today...nothing out of the ordinary....they still haven't scheduled interviews for the new job yet...hopefully this week....
I am planning a trip with my girlfriend who was supposed to come up this weekend.  Her little brother is getting married in August in Florida....she and her little girl are going and have asked me to come with them...so I am looking for plane tickets and a car....should be fun...her little girl hasn't been to the beach before so it will be fun to be there for that experience.  I talked with them on the phone tonight...and she got on the phone and said Aunt Cole, I bury you in the sand.  I said of course...she said tomorrow.  I laughed and told in a few days.  How many was the question I got back.  I told her I didn't know but that I would send her a calendar so I will have to pull out my creative side to make a calendar and put it in the mail for her....maybe a "beach" kit for her..hmm..I will think about it.
today, I am most grateful for all of my nieces and nephews, both by blood and my friends kids I love like my own.  They make me smile, make me feel loved and make me realize how truly lucky I am to be able to help them grow up.
Hope that all is well in your corners of the world.  Sending out positive wishes to the universe for all of you...


  1. I'm so happy that it turned out to be a good weekend after all for you, Col, and that you have those little ones in your life. Wow, it will be marvellous if all your little veggies grow. You have a good selection there! Good also that you are going to be meeting up with your good friend in August - sounds as if you will be having a fun time on the beach with her little girl!!

  2. I think I need to garden like you. I have a terrible black thumb usually

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend - and your upcoming trip sounds great. Good luck with the ticket/car. :)

  4. It is wonderful to see my friends having such a good time and making great memories with the little ones. The best part of my weekend was visiting my Aunt Katie who is 102. She is having a lot of pain in her hip so makes getting around difficult and she doesn't like to sit still very long. Just found out my Uncle Lester had a mild heart attach and is in the hospital. He is Aunt Katies brother and is about 94. Too much going on with hospitals. I know Linda has been missing me today. She likes for me just sit by the bed and hold her hand. Says it makes her feel better.

  5. i love your garden idea i need to try that as my ground is so dry right now.

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