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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vacation in Pictures

View from the balcony

blue lagoon

M and my brother (aren't they cute)


Mom and Dad

Mom and I

Blue Ocean

Another sunset

Hubby and I 

Dessert tequila?  no such thing

Last day

Final Drink

My favorite bartender...he kept us all happy!!
My brother and M headed home

Amazing trip...sorry no pics of the kids at my sister's request....hugs and love to you all..hope you are having an amazing weekend!!


  1. Looks spectacular. Everyone was smiling! That's what counts. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Hugs and love.

  2. Wow what wonderful photos everyone looks like they where having a great time and that photo from the balcony was just cool.........

  3. Amazing pictures of an amazing vacations. Everyone looks so, so happy and relax. And if you and your husband are the most perfect couple ever, well who the heck is? You're gorgeous! I see where you get it from too - if you hadn't marked the pic' I would've thought your parents were your siblings. They look every bit as young as you and your brother.

    What a lovely family. Thank you so much for sharing. And since your blog IS called "A smile a day" maybe you could post more pics of you and hubs. Sure to always bring a smile :wink:

    Love ya!

  4. Gorgeous photos, and stunning sunsets . Spending family time is so good, isn't it? Loved the black and White photo of you and hubby . Glad you had such a lovely holiday my friend.

  5. I agree with Barb, lovely pictures showing happiness. Thanks my friend