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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been pondering the path that we take in our lives.
Mine is at something of a cross roads and whenever I am faced with a big decision, I can't help but look at the path behind me to see what lessons have been taught that can be used in the future.
There comes a point when  you reach a fork in the road.
You need to decided which path to follow
you're never sure which path is right.
The one that looks easiest may have something lurking around that first bend
And the one that may have obstacles in the beginning may be smooth sailing once you get past the point that you can't see.
The path is uncertain and there are bound to be obstacles..
What I continually find amazing is that the people who are on the side of the path, regardless of which one you chose are the same.
They are there, cheering you on, pushing you harder, walking with you when you need it, sometimes even carrying you.
Those people, the ones who will support you no matter what you decide, they are your life line at times when it's scary...they are the ones who will be with you when that path is clear...and the ones who will reach out their hands to you when you meet the really tough challenges.
There are some people who you see only once on the path...they walk with you for a while and then fade into the background.
There are those that you haven't met yet, who are waiting for you at the next bend to help you on a leg of your adventure that you don't even know exists yet.
Then there are the people who are always right there, regardless of who else is...the people who can be front and center sometimes and other times they fade into the background, but they are still there, ready to jump forward if you stumble.
There are big things and small things along the path, some meant to challenge you and others tucked away just waiting to be noticed.
There are times on the journey that you stop and ponder what you might have missed, whether those little things that you barely noticed were more significant than you realized.
The fork in the road.
It's a scary place to be.
To not know which way is the "right way".
To trust in yourself to make that first step in the right direction.
To know with all certainty that you are going the right way.
I have almost come to the fork in the road.
The people that I love and care about most, my parents, my siblings, my friends and most importantly my hubby, they are all around me.
They are trying to help me decide the right path.
While the decision doesn't have to be made today or tomorrow...it will be made in the near future.
The first step is the scariest.
The most unsure.
What I know for sure is that no matter which path I chose, no matter which direction I go, there are people who will always be cheering me on, helping me, walking with me, and lending a hand when it's necessary, whether I know it or not.
One is a road less traveled, promises a big adventure.
The other, while not as adventurous , holds uncertainty as well.
I find myself wondering whether the two intersect again somewhere in the future or whether they go in opposite directions.
I won't know until I make the first step.

Wishing you all love and peace tonight on whatever path you are on.  Know that I am standing on the side lines, walking beside you or giving you a hand to get up if you've stumbled and I am awfully glad that our paths have intersected.
Hugs and love!


  1. Yes my friend, I am cheering you on and having known you for a while now think that you will make the right choice especially since your family is so supportive and loving. Keep the lines of communication open to those who count and all will be lovely.
    Have a marvelous weekend.

  2. sending love and support. what a thought provoking post and so very true when we come to a fork in the road sometime we want to take the easy way but that isn't always the best.

  3. i'm cheering you on in no matter what direction you take.

  4. Sorry Col, I seem to have missed this post! What a great post it is, beautifully written. You really do have a way with words. I am so glad that you have your wonderful hubby and family there to support you, in whatever decision you make. I think that is the lovely thing about our little bloggy friends. They are always here with a listening ear, a kind heart and encouraging words. I'm cheering you on as well my friend! Sometimes, making the actual decision is the hardest bit. Onwards and upwards!