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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday's List

Today was a pretty good...
put out fires as needed...
Decided to work from home tomorrow since I was leaving at noon anyway.
It will be nice to not have to drive into the office.
Debating on what we are doing this weekend..
our presence has been requested up north...
We will see...I would like to just stay home and hang out.
Hubby is cutting down massive overgrowth outside while trying to save the blackberry bushes that are intertwined in the mess.
I made grilled pizza for the first time this season and managed to not burn the crust...which is always good.
I am feeling settled...which is good.
Trying to see the positives again, instead of getting mucked up in the negativity...
It's nice to be out of the fray.
I hope that you all are having a good week...
I love the vlogs today from some of my favorite peeps!! So very wonderful to your corners of the world!!

sending special thoughts out to one of us who is going through some heavy stuff right now...you know who you are and I hope you know how very special you are to me and many others...
Hugs and lots of love to everyone!!  I hope that you have magical moments this weekend!


  1. I am hoping for some lazy time this weekend too, especially as it has been a busy week for me.
    Hope you get what you wish for

  2. Here's hoping for a fabulous weekend for you and hubby.

  3. Hooray for grilled pizza!! I looked and we don't have a BJ's around us for those Mission extra thin tortillas - thanks for the idea though! Enjoy your weekend!