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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow is coming

Snow is coming
Snow is coming
Yell it from the rooftops.
I think people have forgotten that we live in New England...Northern New England at that.
We have not had a lot of snow this winter, but the panic that is prevalent in every part of the news tonight is insane.
I am prepared.
Hotel is booked
Bag is packed
I will be five minutes from work and not needing to drive with all of the other people on the roads.
Honestly, by this time of the winter we are usually used to driving, used to plowing and this winter we have been spoiled.
I am hoping that the silver lining of this snow will be that it will finally get cold enough to kill the germs that are running rampant everywhere and maybe, just maybe people can get over the ick and be healthy again.
I don't love the snow by any stretch of the imagination- but living where I do, I take a deep breath, prepare the best I can and enjoy the winter wonderland that this place becomes.
On the back of the shooting stars tonight are good wishes to you all.
hugs and lots of love!


  1. Would you believe that it is cold enough here for me to don a jumper and jeans tonight? We are usually sweating through a heatwave on the last day of February but we have had constant rain today.
    I hope you enjoy the snow and stay safe on the roads

  2. You have a wonderful attitude and that gets you farther that most folks think. Hope it doesn't get too bad for you. We have not had anything this whole winter here in NC. I am loving it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  3. Won't be too much longer and the crocuses and daffodils will be blooming up there. It's going to be close to 80 here tomorrow and then next week in the 50's again. Crazy cycle. Sorry I've been absent but I'm here! Hugs and love sweetheart. Be safe.