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Friday, February 3, 2012

I'm back...

And I have missed you...
This short jaunt to Beantown was good.
I have learned a few things about myself and others....
I learned that I really don't like to watch basketball...
The Celtics vs the Raptors may not have been the best game to go see for my first one..
honestly at some points I felt like my head was going to explode...
not my thing...but...I can now say that I have seen the big four professional sports live. Check it off the bucket list.
i am not afraid to share my opinion on things (imagine that)
Sometimes (okay most of the time) if you ask me my opinion you had better be ready to hear it...because it doesn't always coincide with what you want me to say...and I can't change that
We saw an AMAZING speaker...I don't say that lightly...we have had some good speakers and some not so good speakers through out my career at conferences and meetings.
This man was absolutely astonishing..
He is an artist and a motivational speaker
He makes beautiful paintings to music in less than five minutes...right in front of you..
All about opening the creative side of your brain and using that instead of the analytic side all the time..
Erik Wahl is his name....made me think...
And yes, I rocked my dress...
Unfortunately, my camera died so I wasn't able to take pictures...
I have one that was taken with a cell phone camera...not the best..but I did tell you I would post one
It was a fun night...
Some interesting conversations and lots of fun....
The band was fantastic...
Got back to the office today around 11:30 and worked for the rest of the day...
Now I am at home in  my pj's
Laundry is in
Dishes are done and I am waiting for hubby to get home...
I hope you have a fabulous weekend...
I am just laying low...I am not as young as I used to be and two nights of 2am in combination with alcohol...It's gonna take me all weekend to recover :)
Hugs, love and tons of smiles this weekend!!


  1. So glad it was a good experience for you and you certainly do "rock" in that dress.
    I had my second carpel tunnel surgery on Thursday and it is doing very well. I am so glad to have this behind me and not having to worry about that pain & tingling in my fingers.
    We are having gorgeous days down here in NC with temps in the 50's & 60's after the usual morning frost.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. Relax.

  3. The artist was amazing and you look beautiful in your dress. Sounds like you had a great time so you deserve a lazy weekend

  4. I agree, that artist is amazing, and you look quite wonderful in that dress. It surely was just made for you my friend!! Glad that you had a good time (apart from the game!) and I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend. Take care.

  5. That artist is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing that video of him. I might add that you certainly did rock that dress! You looked beautiful. So glad you had a good time but even happier you are back home and relaxing! Enjoy your weekend sweetie. Hugs and Love!