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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nice Quiet Weekend

It has been a nice quiet weekend at home..
Hubby's best friend came down with his new puppy for a Harry Potter Marathon that we have been talking about for awhile...
Snuggled up with me on the couch during the fifth movie...

As of about ten minutes ago we have finished watching all eight of the movies in succession with a brief interlude for sleep last night...
Great way to just chill for the weekend....with little to no demands on time..a few takeout orders and a quick trip to the store were all that was required :)
Hubby is gearing up to watch football....
As you all know, the New England Patriots are the team of choice up here in Maine...
So everyone is excited about the game..
Except for me...
I will find a good book and go draw a long hot bath I think.
Hope this finds all of you enjoying your Sunday evening..
hugs and love to you all....


  1. It's been a lazy, dreary day here in NC with temps in mid 40's and feeling damp as well after yesterday's rain. Hope you have a very relaxing evening and get some of the pampering you mentioned.

  2. That sounds like a perfectly relaxing, lazy kind of weekend. Awesome sweetie! Have a wonderful week! Super Bowl is on now!! Hugs.

  3. sounds like a way to spend the weekend. i haven't watched any of the game (or commercials, hahaha!). i've been moving stuff. not the way to spend the weekend, but i'll get time enough to rest after the move.

  4. Love the idea of a HP marathon. We have the DVD's, must make time to do that sometime soon