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Thursday, February 3, 2011

thursday's List

Wow...lots to smile about today...
I had the BEST day at work.  I had a conference call with a huge customer that went really really well....makes me happy and will be a nice bump to my pocketbook when they start using their cards.
I made a very dear blog friend smile...it warms my heart when I hear that the words that I write make people happy....especially because I have come to care so much about you all...
I got home tonight and am currently sitting curled up with my kitties in my pjs in my house....I have become quite a homebody...can't wait to curl up in bed next to my hubby
My homework was done early this week.  Now I have to get my final paper done.
I am quite excited about the game this weekend...I am looking up some good home town recipes for snacks on Sunday.
I am almost done with the week and I am going away next week.  granted it's for a sales meeting..but it will be nice to get out of here for a couple of days.
Cutest text message ever from my sister in law today to my hubby.  One of the kids said that he was used to us being there for holidays so he wanted to make sure we were going to be there for Valentines Day.  Guess I have to go do some valentine's day shopping for them....Dollar store here I come.
Other than my hubby and the kitties the one thing I miss more than anything while I am away from home is my shower.  I have one of those great big rain type shower heads....I am going to go take a nice long shower in a few minutes.  I can't wait!!
Hope that you are all nice and cozy warm and not expecting any more storms this weekend...we are scheduled for another 8 inches on Saturday....I will take some pictures tomorrow of the piles of snow that are EVERYWHERE right now...
hugs and love to you all!!


  1. I am so glad everything seems to be going good for you at the moment even though you do still have snow. We are supposed to have rain today but the temps are supposed to stay high enough to prevent any freezing problems. TGIF this has been kind of a stressful week and will be good to have a couple of days to unwind with my Rocky. Take care, stay warm and hugs from NC.

  2. Nice positive post, Col. That shower does sound inviting. I know the ones you mean! The snow has certainly been getting round everywhere this year, hasn't it. Have a good weekend and keep warm with hubby the the kitties! (Sounds like Valentine's Day is going to be fun!).

  3. Sadly, we ran out of fuel to heat our house yesterday. When I woke up this morning it was 50 degrees F in my house. I was soo cold! I cannot wait to get heat again! But I am a homebody too and all day look forward to going home to cuddle up on the couch.

  4. What a lucky blog friend you have that you made smile!!! ;-) Glad you had a good day. And thank you again.

  5. First time here came over from Barb's blog to check out who gave her the warm and fuzzy award. I miss my bath when we go away as I am bath person more then a shower person.I do a lot of shopping for presents at the cheap dollar or 2 dollar shops can get some nice cheap gifts.

  6. Nice nice.....so glad to know everything's working out so well for you...enjoy your weekend...

  7. Glad you had a great day...we all need those now and then :-)

  8. Bouncin' Barb gave you a shoutout on her blog so I bounced on over.
    I like what I see.