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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm back....

and working on a real post...but in the meantime...
my smile today is courtesy of one of the kids..the youngest nephew on my hubby's side...
I made him cry yesterday...
We were making centerpieces for his brother's blue and gold dinner next weekend.  I was using the scissors that he wanted....he used his best puppy dog eyes, some pretty rapid explanations as to why he should be able to use them....and I said no...he was very upset and I made him cry..he reminded me this morning that I made him cry last night...
After the pinewood derby today, we went back to my sister in law's house and he snuggled up on the couch next to me and said "auntie, I want to tell you a secret".
Me= Okay what
Nephew- Lean down here
So I leaned my head down and he very carefully tucked me hair behind my ear.
He leaned in and I honestly thought he was going to lick me or something.
He smiled and whispered " I love you best" and gave me a kiss
my heart melted.


  1. Awwwwww!

    My girls feel that way about their "Aunt La" and she gets a big kick out of it.

    The feeling doesn't go away.

  2. It doesn't get any better than that! What a little sweetheart!

  3. That was soooooooo sweet. Happy Valentines Day

  4. Aaaw! That it just so sweet, and I can imagine the joy it must have given you. As Barb says, "it doesn't get any better than that!" Thanks for sharing that little gem.

  5. When they say things like that it makes you feel good inside, children are so loving.