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Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's been that kind of morning today.
Hubby and I had a long conversation yesterday afternoon on my home from work about all of the things that we needed to get done today....including but not limited to haircuts, grocery shopping, some errands for my trip this week, etc.  We planned out how things were going to happen and approximate time frames (really I am not that anal usually about weekend plans but he needs structure these days and there are things that I need to get done on top of the paper that I need to write for my class).  This conversation took place at about 3:30 yesterday.
Fast forward to 5:30 and I get a text message from him....I made an appointment to take the truck in at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  I need your car for the day cause I have to go into the office.
I texted him back that we would talk about it when he got home.
This really irked me for several reasons, the conversation we had already had about everything that needed to get done withstanding
1) He has had problems with his truck for the last six months.  He has scheduled several appointments for his truck in the last six months and has cancelled every one of them so that we can travel up to his parents house because they have snapped their fingers and demanded that we asked that we  come up.  These are not issues that needed to be fixed immediately
2) He has no idea how much money he has in his checking account at any point in time.  Usually he will call and discuss it with me to make sure that there will be money to pay for such repairs (this will be the second time in the last three months that the amount is above $1000 for repairs on his truck)
3) In our previous conversation I had asked him if he needed to go into the office on Saturday and he said no- that he was going there before he came home.

So I was a little peeved when he got home...we sat down to dinner and started talking and I asked him if he recalled the conversation he and I had about the errands we were getting done first thing on Saturday morning.  He looked at me like I had ten heads and said well I didn't think that we had put anything in stone about them.  We can do them on Sunday.  To which I tried to calmly remind him I had a paper to write and that the game was one etc.  and then he walked away.  I asked him why he needed to go to the office- which he said that he decided not to go tonight and to go in the morning...which is fine but he has been gone for six hours....with my car- so I can't even get all the stuff done that I need to get done because I don't have a car.
I understand that things happen and I know that we need to fix his truck.  I even know that he travels a ton and that all of this will be better for the truck.  I know that the weekend is the most logical time for it to get done because we are both home and both of our vehicles are in the driveway.  And yet it still upsets me.
Sounds silly doesn't it?  I am writing this going I can't believe that I am actually going to post this but I am upset about the whole thing (and what's a blog about if not to be able to vent).
I just wish that he had stopped...for five seconds and thought about getting this done.
That he had picked up the phone and talked to me about it....and asked to use my car today...because of course he can...because I am a logical person and rearrange my schedules to accommodate things like this...but I guess I am irked because he didn't think about asking...think about making sure that it was "okay" with me....
I know that there are bigger things out there....but man....this one got right under my skin....


  1. I'm with you on this one Col, and can quite see why you were cheesed off (as we say over here in England!). What was the point of all that conversation on Friday, when everything was turned on its head. That's okay if an emergency occurs, but this doesn't seem to be an emergency we're talking about here.I did smile at that "snapped their fingers .... quote"! Hopefully all will be well again tomorrow! Take care.

  2. I completely understand. Sometimes it is as tho' our conversations disappear into the ether world. I just shake my head and ask "Why did I even bother to waste the oxygen to even HAVE that conversation?"

    But, we love them, foibles and all - and move forward. Maybe you can do your paper today and get the running around done in the morning before the game at 6 pm. I know it isn't the ideal plan, but...

    And your inlaws sound [I hate to say this, but it is true] exactly like MY parents. They were forever making me and both my husbands jump through hoops and waste our weekends to do their bidding. God love them, may they rest in peace, I do miss them - but I do not miss having to rush over there all the time.

    Thank goodness my inlaws don't.

  3. I believe that lots of us can relate to this type of day.
    Sometimes it seems that communication between two people takes an interpretor and a United Nations committee. I undersatnd your frustration.
    I hope that this is an abnormality rather than a normal day for you.

  4. HI! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your nice comments to me. :-)

    When I read your post today, I thought of something... if you removed all the details... it seems that what is left is: you were upset (and understandably so!) because it felt like you were being treated with a lack of consideration, a lack of respect for your time and plans.

    Like what you were working to accomplish was pushed back and took a backseat to what he decided (at the last minute) that he wanted to do.

    Sometimes MyGuy and I have had to have those kinds of talks, too. Not about the details... they don't really matter. But treating each other with respect, consideration, and kindness.

    Yep... a good marriage is a lot of work, LOL!

  5. Sorry you had to endure all that frustration and hope the rest of your weekend is much better.

  6. @ This- I was pretty upset but it turned out not to be a horrid day....like Loretta said it was more of a communication thing
    @skippy- I love him to pieces and accept the good with the bad. I definitely can be flexible...just irritating.. inlaws are a story for another time
    @one woman- it is definitely the exception rather than the rule....your United Nations comment made me smile...so true..
    @Loretta- definitely a lot of work...but so worth it....communication is the key...
    @Odia- thanks for the thoughts...the rest of the day was definitely better...

  7. @Chief- sometimes it's just easier that way...at least you know that the person is always listening :)

  8. Men can be very frustrating....

  9. Communication is a bummer sometimes!