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Sunday, February 6, 2011


is what I am great at.  I have about 4 pages of the 12-15 page paper written.  I was on a roll and then we had to go pick up hubby's truck.  So instead of hopping right back into it I have spent the last ten minutes playing on facebook and reading blogs. And now I am writing a blog post.
Procrastination is that one last video game, one last phone call, one last row of knitting that needs to be done before you put it down.
Procrastination is the- I -will-do-it-at-3:15 time stealer who makes the minutes move faster...
Procrastination is a friend, that bring you chocolate when you are down, I'm always here for you, Lean on my friend who you can always count on.
Procrastination is the lover who entices you to stay in bed, warm, snuggled up instead of facing the day.
Procrastination is the I've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar when other's realize that instead of doing what you are supposed you are doing something else.
Procrastination is the adrenalin rush to get something done by a deadline- never mind what you had to do yesterday and the time you spent doing something else.
Procrastination is my friend, my biggest enemy and someone with whom I have grown quite comfortable.
No, I will never be the person who gets things done a week before they are due-
Never be the one who has everything done for the party way before people come
Never be the one who is 100% prepared for people to come early.
I am sure that there are support groups out there, self help books and a million and one things that I could get that would break me of this habit-
I would miss the adrenalin, miss the frantic need to get it done right now feeling, switch the internet browser you are using, don't worry about it- it will get done feeling of procrastination.
But it is now 3:15...my self imposed time limit to stop messing around and get it done so i can watch the game tonight.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a procrastinator....anyone else out there?  Or did you figure you could write one last blog post before coming to the meeting?


  1. Well you little procrastinator you, at least I now know where your blog name of colenic comes from! Enjoy the game this evening.

  2. I was gonna procrastinate once but I never got around to it :-)

  3. I am afraid I am at the other end of the spectrum my friend. I am the one who always gets wherever I am going early, sometimes way to early enough to even bother me. If someone asks me to do something I have to get it done instantly. Sometimes that way comes back to bite you but that is Odie.

  4. Hi Nicole, I call myself 'The Procrastinator'.....:) So let's just say I completely understand...and express solidarity....:)

  5. I found a neat trick - it has more to do with my energy/lack of strength then procrastination but it works wonders.

    I turn on the TV, mute it [if you like, while computering] and then everytime a commercial comes on I get up and do SOMETHING for that span of time - sometimes it runs 6-7 minutes. You would be amazed, AMAZED what you can't get done during an hour long episode of Law & Order SVU. ;D

    I swear. It works.