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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Photos

I really have to thank Skippy for asking me to post some pictures yesterday....it was awesome to go through those pics and try and pick out which ones to post...because I have over 2000 pictures from each of our trips to europe. I tend to be a bit of a pictureholic- I take pictures like crazy and always have a camera with me...I decided that I was going to post some other pics that have made me smile while I have been going through them...They are completely random pics from the last two years...hope that you all enjoy them


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  1. Well you are quite the accomplished pictureaholic because these are so great - varied, interesting and the angles some of the were taken from are awesome [especially the next to last.]

    You are a really great photographer - you have a keen eye - and I know it sounds cliche but every picture tells a story. From the wine bottles to the piglets [?] it is amazing.

    Hands down my favorite pic is the baby moose kneeling to get a drink - what a face. :D

    Thank you for sharing - you are definitely bringing many smiles a day to all of us with your beautiful photography.