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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Breezy Saturday Morning

Today has been a great day! I was able to sleep in while snuggling with my kitties in the down comforter. Hubby had to get up early this morning and has actually been working all day. I got up this morning got some shopping done....I am excited because I will have new pillows on the bed tonight...that always makes me happy. I also hit a great sale- $2.99 for all their spring and summer clothes....hubby has some new shirts!! I have been doing some research for my paper that is due on Monday and have just been able to chill today. I love lazy Saturdays with the windows open, in comfy clothes, when work is the furthest thing from my mind. Fall is very much in the air and I love the cool nights and mornings...the leaves are starting to change and sweaters have come out of the closet. Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekends!!

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  1. This whole post just made me smile because I can imagine you smiling [BIG!] when you wrote it. YAY! We have our doors and windows open to while Pooldad is cleaning out the garage [the memories. oy!]

    So glad you are having a great day. Enjoy.

    PS I laughed about your comment that your hubs eats his lunch on the way to work. Mine doesn't go that far but has been known to eat his dessert first or a sandwich before 9 am - hence the two sandwich rule for him.