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Friday, July 16, 2010


The kitchen counters are almost done. We ran out of grout to finish them so another trip to the store is in order to get them done. The guys are building a deck this weekend...so major home improvement will be done after this weekend.
There really is nothing that is as satisfying as working up a sweat while working on something that literally transforms the space where you live. It would have been easier to hire someone to come in and do the counters (and probably a whole lot less stress) but it is something that is actually relatively easy to do. Time consuming absolutely but easy none the less. My house is a mess and I can feel it messing with my balance, but I scrubbed dried grout off the counters last night and stood back to look at it and was amazed at the change. The kitchen was the one room in the house that we hadn't really changed since we moved in 2 + years ago and by the end of the weekend it will look completely different. This is the part of owning a house that makes me smile.

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