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Monday, July 19, 2010

Home improvement

The deck framing- Success!! the kitchen projects that I was supposed to get done- FAIL!! We have decided to put more electrical outlets in the kitchen so we can't put up the backsplash. We also found out that the only thing that really works to strip vinyl peel and stick tiles is ammonia. Not in my house this weekend...it was too hot to keep the windows open....so instead

My mother in law and I made nine and a half gallons of pickles. INSANITY is what got into my husband when he ordered two bushels of pickling cucumbers. We used up one bushel on nine and a half gallons. My mother in law took the other bushel home with her. She did leave a few of the larger pickles with me and David decided last night that he missed out on the pickling fun so we did another three gallons. We have enough pickles for the rest of the year...and probably some of next year!
This is the first time I have ever done any kind of canning. It was kinda fun. I am going to try to do jam next. Don't even know where to start, but like doing the renovation ourselves, there is something quite satisfying about knowing that we have cut one thing off our grocery list cause we did it ourselves.

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