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Friday, August 30, 2013

Vegas...Day two

One thing there is a lot of in Vegas..
Timeshare salespeople...
I find it incredibly difficult to walk past them without saying anything....
It kind of goes against every single instinct and manner I have not to acknowledge when someone talks to me.
So, I will admit, I got us roped into a ninety minute presentation.
however, we got tickets for La Reve at the Wyn hotel for more than half off.
So that presentation was first thing Friday morning.
We managed to walk away with the tickets...and almost nothing else.
We did get suckered into buying a 7 night trip to anywhere we wanted to go...but the price was right and you all know I will use any excuse to go on vacation...this one we have to use in 18 months...
After that was over, we went back to the casino, ate at the buffet and gambled for a little while.
We went to the Pub at the Monte Carlo for Happy Hour
Brother and BF
Hubby and I 

Where a very nice Irish bar tender waited on us....he was fun!

We then got changed and went to the Wyn hotel for La Reve.
The hotel is amazingly beautiful...they really bring almost a Wonderland feeling to the inside...with everything from balls of flowers and blinking lights to a circular escalator and upside down parasols...it is worth walking through if you are ever in Vegas.
La Reve is a show that is reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil but is not done by the same company.  It is a water show and we had amazing seats- front row.
It was visually stunning, the choreography was phenomenal and it was just by far one of the best shows, if not the best that I have ever seen

flying from the ceilings


Flowers in bloom in the ceiling

 After the show was over, we grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and went up to bed.  This was the night that we discussed potentially staying up super late...we made it until about one am....party animals I tell ya!


  1. Just sounds amazing. That drink looks pretty good too. What is it? So glad you had fun. Hugs XX

  2. Wow, what a spectacular show. It all looks so beautiful and you look so happy and relaxed. Hope you are having an amazing time
    (I can never stop up past 1 am either)