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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Productive weekend

I am beyond excited about our trip this week..
We have spent most of the weekend on the phone with my brother making plans....
We all play the My Vegas slots game on Facebook and as a result have a ton of rewards points....
Lots of free stuff including:
Free buffets at the Monte Carlo where we are staying
Free admission to the Ice Bar (which is very fun)
Free tickets to the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blue at Mandalay Bay
Free late night food at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant
Three day passes to the monorail down the strip (very cool....especially when it's 105 degrees out side)
I am excited to go and get lost in a city...and spend some time with three of my favorite men in my life....
Hubby is excited too...this is our annual anniversary trip so it's always nice to spend some time celebrating our marriage (thirteen years this year...can you believe it..)
Hubby will get to go to the Knight's Table at Excalibur which he has wanted to do forever and we will be going to a drag show on Saturday night.
We are going to try to get tickets for La Reve on Friday night and catch up with an old high school friend of my brother's who works at one of the bars at The Palms on Sunday.
It will be here and gone before we know it....but it's awesome to look forward to..

I went out yesterday and did a day of pampering for myself....new hair cut and color....also some waxing and a massage....so nice..
We were able to celebrate my inlaws anniversary yesterday due to an impromptu visit...39 years...kind of crazy.

Lots to do this week....before we leave..but we are packed and just need to throw together some toiletries....hotel reservations are made by the airport for Weds. night and Monday due to early and late flights....

Hubby got a lot accomplished today...he hooked up the water and ice maker to the fridge (YAY) and put in a new door handle to the downstairs bathroom..with a lock...always nice to check things off the list..

I am heading to bed now...crazy week at work getting ready to be away...but a short one at that, so that will be a good thing..
Hope you are all doing well....thinking of you and sending lots of smiles and positive thoughts your way!!


  1. I can't believe it's going to 13 years. Wow. And here y'all are STILL acting like newlyweds. You put us old folks to shame. ::grin::

    Sounds like the best trip evah! I can*not* wait to see the pics and here the stories.

    They're not staying in Vegas, right?

    Have fun, be safe. Love and much hugs! JG

  2. This sounds so wonderful. I really hope you have the most wonderful time
    Congratulations on your anniversary
    Mine is coming up too. 21 years for me