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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vegas Day three, four and five

So, I got pretty lax about taking pictures and decided to try to live for the moment while we were there...
It was nice to get caught up in what was going on and not always think about what we were doing and what pictures I could take.
Saturday we went over to Mandalay Bay and went to the Shark reef aquarium...which was fun.. We then went for another happy hour, this time on the 64th floor overlooking the strip at the MIX lounge.  What an amazing view...

My brother had bought tickets for Frank Marino's Diva's show.  It is a drag show at the Quad and it was hysterical.  Hubby wasn't quite sure about it...but I think he had the most fun!

Sunday we went to the Mandalay Bay again for the Gospel Brunch that they have at the House of Blues.  The food was amazing and the singing was great.  This was another discounted activity from My Vegas points.  We were a little surprised at how "preachy" it was considering it was in the middle of a casino...but we had a lot of fun.

My brother has an old high school friend that works at a bar off the strip called the Loose Caboose, so we went and hung out there on Sunday night for a few hours...it was nice to catch up with him and be able to just chill while taking in a bit of the local scene.
Hubby got his first taste of In and Out burger at the insistence of the cab driver.
We gambled a bit and went to bed since we needed to be up early on Monday to catch flights.

We really had an amazing time.  It is so awesome to spend quality time with my brother away from everyone.  I really like the guy he is dating and they complement each other very well.  I always get so excited when i see them together because they are really  really happy together....which I guess is all an older sister ever wants for her little brother, but it's super special because he was not always happy with who he was.  It's nice to see him with someone who is not only good to him, but who is good for him as well...if that even makes sense :)
Plus...I just like hanging out with my brother....

Hubby and I spent our anniversary on Monday on airplanes and in cars...so not terribly romantic...but I am always glad that we make it a point to go away to mark the passing of another year together...it seems hard to believe that we got married thirteen years ago....sometimes it feels like just yesterday and other times I could swear it is five times longer than that!  It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in life and everything going on (like the roof that is still not done) that it would be easy to make it just one more day...but every year we make it a priority to take at least a couple of days away to just chill and enjoy each other's company.

Love and hugs to you all...hope you enjoyed the pictures and our Vegas adventure!


  1. Your holiday just sounds so much fun. I am so happy you had this chance to get away and spend time with people you love
    Thank you for letting us join the fun with all your lovely photos

  2. My hubs and I will be married 13 years, and I agree - its as if we've always been together - but we met later in life.

    Never been to Vegas - I know the food there is amazeballs though. :D Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Nice post, great blog, following :)

    Good Luck :)