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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vegas Day one

I am going to write a series of posts about what we did in Vegas....just because I want to chronicle the trip...
Day One-
Up super early (before the sun) to leave....
Hubby reminded me that when we got married he promised me a lifetime of sunrises and an eternity of sunsets....we got to watch the sunrise from the airplane...knowing that the sunset would be in Vegas...

It was a very long trip with a couple of stopovers...one in Baltimore (it was a little weird flying into Baltimore and not seeing my parents...but the layover was not long enough)
We then got on a plane and flew to Flint, Michigan.  We didn't get off the plane in Flint, but now we can say we were there.
Got to the hotel (the Monte Carlo) and checked in and went and grabbed lunch:
Super yummy Chinese place at the Monte Carlo....Lunch prices were fabulous....drink prices were expensive...
We were going to see separate shows that night so we agreed to meet back at the hotel after the shows to go to the Minus 5 Ice Bar (so fun)
The package that we bought for Vegas included hotel, flight and show tickets for one show.
Hubby has always wanted to go to one of those Medieval Times places that has the jousting shows, you eat dinner with your hands etc.  There was one down the street from my parent's old house and we never made it there so when that was one of the options, we decided to go ahead and do that.
He was thrilled.
The show was at Excalibur
Yes,  i would have much rather gone to the show at the bottom of the billboard.
We were seated in the Ireland section

We started off the night with a couple of drinks in metal souvenir mugs

The thing about these shows is that they serve you dinner...with no silverware....so you need to eat with your hands....
He was happy- could slurp the soup right out of the bowl!

Cornish Hens, broccoli, potatoes and bread...all without silverware..
The show was great!  The lighting, special effects and the acting were fun

We left the theatre and were walking back to our hotel to go gamble til the boys were done.  This was the first sunset of the trip
Against the backdrop of New York New York
We met up with the boys and went to the Minus 5 Ice bar....which is always fun.  It is a bar that is made out of ice.  They make a big deal when you go in, giving you parkas and optional fur coats....it is really a lot of fun...the was the first group picture of the trip ( it is a picture of a picture, so it's not the best)...
L to R: Brother's BF, Brother, me, hubby (without a jacket on..because really it's this cold in Maine for six months a year)

The cool (ha, no pun intended) thing about this and a bunch of other stuff we did on this trip is that a lot of it was free or deeply discounted.  My brother, his bf and I all play My Vegas slots on facebook.  By doing so,  you earn loyalty points that you can cash in for real stuff in Vegas.  So we each got entrance to the Ice Bar, a couple of free buffets, tickets to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Monorail tickets, and some happy hour apps.  It was a great way to "do" the Vegas stuff without spending a lot of money...

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