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Monday, July 22, 2013


My mind is jumbled tonight...
Too much going on....
grandfather is doing well....
Work is work....
big project...lots going on...
which is good.
I am craving peace...
no distractions.
A little cabin by the lake..
a charged Kindle with lots of books
a couple of bottles of wine...
nice warm days and nights cool enough to light a fire...
Hubby is there..
Driving through the back woods...
looking for moose..
which is really just an excuse to drive around.
really connecting...
just being together..
taking pictures...
no cell service..
no internet..
Just a few days of peaceful existence without the distractions of life..
A few days to process the worry..
to check in with each other..
to check in with myself..
Might need to happen one of these weekends.
This weekend however is therapy of a different sort..
Two wonderful children,
Shopping with my sister in law for the "perfect casual yet put together outfit"
A camp fire..
Some good wine..
laughing..and probably a few tears...
Family can provide a very different sort of therapy.
People who care about you but who are removed from the situation...
deep breaths before going back to the craziness...
four more days to get through..
a goal to meet at work..
and then a break from our reality....or an extension of it..
Summer is almost over...and I feel like it's just begun...
Time to squeeze whatever is left of the moments we have left before school starts for them...
I miss you all and hope that you are able to carve out moments of peace in the craziness in your corners of the world.
Sending hugs, love and positive thoughts on the back of the gentle summer breeze..

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  1. So pleased to read that your grandfather is doing better.
    I love just getting away somewhere quiet, alone with my hubby. Plans are being made to do just that in September.
    Hope you get that breathing space

    Hugs xx