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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I remember when I was younger, 
I was always in such a rush to grow up,
to go to high school,
to go away to college, 
to be out on my own,
to get married,
to buy a house...
I want to write a letter to my sixteen year old self and say two words:
Not that I didn't enjoy my youth...because I certainly did...
I did everything I could to make sure that I was getting everything I could out of the moment that I was in...
but there always seemed to be more out there..
more to do...
more to want to accomplish..
more to dream about..
There are still dreams...
There are still things that I want to do..
there is still more..
but these days, I find myself with all of these "adult" responsibilities...
I wish I could go back and tell myself to enjoy those cast parties a bit more, go to more parties, hang out more with friends, go to the beach more, take a day with your closest girlfriends and blow off your college classes and just hang out....because that time is fleeting...you can never get it back..
These days it's almost an act of congress for all of us to get together because we are all in different cities...different places in our lives....we schedule months in advance and hope that nothing comes up....I would give just about anything to be able to pop over to the next room and say hey, let's go hang out...or if we are having a particularly tough night to just get out of here and go for a ride..
These days conversations are about kids and replacing the roof on the house...or what R value insulation is or what the best kind of paint is to use.
I miss the spontaneity of my youth....
I think that the adult responsibilities are dragging me down a bit the past few weeks....I think it's time to pull out the calendars and schedule a girls weekend....even if it does have to be in October....
Hugs and love to you all 


  1. I was telling Wallene this exact thing the other day - but in a little different way. She keeps wishing for her 16th birthday to get here [Sept] while I can't believe Christmas is less than 150 days from now. A little over a month is an eternity to her, while 5 months seems like a blip on the screen to me.

    The best part tho' - is at least, I hope, it isn't too long and I get another series of birthdays and Holidays to enjoy.

    [In fact, Pooldad's eldest is 24 today! Woot] Hee

    MAKE those plans. October will be here before you know it. Trust me. Hugs and love my friend. JG

  2. Even if you can't get together in person, you'd be surprised how rejuvenating a telephone chat with old friends can be.

  3. a girls weekend is always a good idea I think.
    It can be hard to be spontaneous at times, but sometimes you just have to say, "what the heck, let's do it"